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Management of pharmaceutical products, narcotics, veterinary products

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Phardis holds all the necessary ministerial authorizations for the management of pharmaceutical, narcotic and veterinary products. It carries out its activities based on processes and procedures controlled by a robust quality system, implemented and constantly monitored by the company's quality department.

Phardis' quality management system is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The certification, obtained for the first time in 2001, demonstrates the constant commitment of the management whose aim is to involve all personnel in the performance of their duties, in compliance with the quality requirements, laws and regulations in force.

Phardis feels that quality is not just controlling the distribution process, but must be designed, spread, shared and applied to each stage and activity; as the common element that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all company processes, to prevent any disservices occurring.

The Phardis quality management system is checked and audited periodically by the certification body and through scheduled internal audits.

The company also offers its clients the flexibility needed and can adjust to and implement quality systems that differ to standard ISO 9001 for clients themselves.

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