Managing clinical trials (IMP)

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Clinical trials

Managing medicines intended for clinical trials requires the right processes and special care over all activities. Operating in the clinical trials context means ensuring a punctual, timely service while guaranteeing complete traceability of product and shipments.

Phardis has defined its processes in a detailed procedural process complying with reference standards and, in particular, Annex 13 of the GMP. In fact, there is a high risk of cross contamination and mix-up and structures managing this product type must offer adequate guarantees. Each operational stage, from when goods are received, going through secondary packaging operations (such as labelling or preparing patient kits), up to shipment and collection of the medicine from centres, is supported by adequate documentation; while controls related to product quality and operations are guaranteed by experts present.

Phardis is a solid partner for companies wanting to outsource their storage, secondary packaging and shipping of IMP to clinical centres.

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